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Mr. Buggy

Mr Buggy is an application with defects. It has been created for the purpose of TestingCup 2013 - to verify knowledge and skills of software testers in the competition. All defects are real bugs committed by the programmer during implementation of the specification.

The application has been now released to let testers face Mr Buggy and find as many as possible bugs. Additionally, every fresh software tester can experience first-hand how this job actually looks like.



Download Mr Buggy polish version

The application runs only after installation of the software environment. The Configuration Instruction is available here [doc]

The application has been verified. However, by installing it you take full responsibility for the potential damage it may cause.



To verify that the application works properly you need to verify it with the specification of the requirements.

Specification of the requirements is available here: [DOC]


We encourage you to test Mr Buggy yourself. The list of defects is available here.